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Opportunity for Juniors: http://www.engr.utexas.edu/eoe


MITE is a free, five-day residential program that offers current high school juniors the opportunity to discover engineering through hands-on projects and interactions with engineering students, faculty, staff and alumni.

MITE is open to students with strong interests in engineering, science or math. Fifty students will be selected to attend each session. Outstanding African-American, Hispanic, Native American and Native Hawaiian students, as well as those who have overcome any social or economic hardship, are strongly encouraged to apply. All students are welcome to apply. Students must reside in the United States.

Opportunity for Seniors:

Applied Research Laboratories Apprenticeship Program
The Science & Engineering Apprenticeship Program is a competitive program for graduating high school seniors who plan to attend college in the fall semester following graduation and who have both applied and been admitted to The University of Texas at Austin. The program exposes the selected students to laboratory research and development and gives them an idea of what scientists and engineers do. 

See where AP can take you:

Hello students, I look forward to an exciting school year!
Throughout the year I will be updating this website with Notes, Quizzes, Homework and anything else you may need to access from outside the classroom.
There is a discussion board where you can create a discussion with your classmates (Keep in mind: this is for educational purposes and is being monitored 24/7, so keep discussions civil. Anyone caught abusing this privilege will receive only one warning and on a second offense be banned). There is also a contact form in the sidebar where you can send me an email in case I am not immediately available.

Let's all have a great year!

- Ms. Garcia

“It is not once nor twice but times without number that the same ideas make their appearance in the world.”

― Aristotle

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