AP Physics II

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Follow the questions on the simulation: 

The numbers for the simulation are going to be just a little bit off.
For question 9 refer to the guiding questions below. 

1. Adjust the wavelength to 600 nm. Calculate the energy of this wavelength. (Ans:2.07 eV)
2. Adjust the voltage so that the amount of electrons barely reach the other side of the plate. The red dot on the graph should be at the point (0, 0). This is the stopping voltage or the Max Kinetic Energy of situation. Use this (as a positive value) to calculate the work function (the minimum amount of energy necessary to escape the electron) (Ans: 1.97)

For question 10, the work function from the previous problem stays the same (it depends on the metal used), use the new wavelength to calculate the new stopping potential and check your answer. 


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Activ Physics 01 Double Slit: 
Answer the following questions in a complete sentence in your notebook. Label this as a Double Slit Experiment. 
1. Describe the pattern on the screen. Describe brightness and spacing. 
2. Describe the effects of increasing slit spacing.  
3. Describe the effects of increasing wavelength. Is frequency increasing/decreasing?
4. Using the values of the program and the equation derived in class, show that the spacing is 0.77 mm for a 580 nm wavelength with a slit spacing of 3 mm. Everything needs to be converted to meters. 

5.  Fill out the chart below. Show your work, check with the simulation. 
 d L Wavelength y 
 2 mm 4 m 400 nm  ?
 ? 4m 680 nm  1.36 mm  
 2.3 mm 4 m ? 0.68 mm


Activ Physics 02 Single Slit: 

Answer the following questions in a complete sentence in your notebook. Label this as a Single Slit Experiment. 

1. Describe the pattern created by a single slit interference pattern. Include a sketch of the set up in your notes. 

2. How is a single slit pattern different from a double slit?

3. Describe the effects of Increasing the slit size. 

4. Describe the effects of increasing wavelength. 

5. Write this in your notes: 

For a single slit, the equation is the same : m(wavelength)=dsin(theta). 
The biggest difference: 
In a double slit problem the central maxima is labeled as m=0, and the next bright fringe is labeled m=1 (dark bands are multiples of m=0.5)

In a single slit the first DARK FRINGE is labeled m=1, and y is the distance from the central point to the dark fringe (also HALF the width of central max; bright spot), and d is the width of the one slit. 

Label your single slit pattern with m=1 and y
 d    wavelength L y width of max
 0.34 mm 600 nm 10 m ? ?
 ? 600 nm 10 m ? 25 mm
 0.29 mm ? 10 m ? 37.3 mm

For the problems below, show your work on a separate sheet of paper. 
Review for Single Slits:

Review for Double Slits:

Review for Refraction Problems:

Review for Lens Math (Same as Mirrors Math)

Just play with this interactive to help you see patterns in the different situations between Lenses and Mirrors

Magnetism 06 (Yes we skip 5)

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Review Magnetism 04 here: http://dev.physicslab.org/Document.aspx?doctype=5&filename=Magnetism_ForcesWires.xml  (Show me when you have completed your answers)

Answer questions on a sheet of paper, in such a way that the question is not necessary. 
Label Assignment as Magnetism 6: ActivPhysics (Induced Emf)

Check list: 
Make sure you have completed everything below. 

You have gone through ActivPhysics #1,4,5,7,8,9

# 5 and #9 Will be turned in on paper. 

Paper Assignments: 
Magnetism 03 (looks handwritten)
(Untitled) Magnetism Tipers 01- has straight, current carrying wire.
Magnetism Tipers Has the charge moving in curves

Magnetism Notes 03 & 04

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Download the notes and view in powerpoint presentation mode to see the animations. 


This one will be done on paper. Answer the questions in such a way that the question is not necessary. 

Example: Question: What color is the sky? 
Bad Answer: It is blue
Good Answer: The color of the sky is blue. (You can read this an not need to have the question)

Magnetism 2/9/17

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Finish Magnetism 03 Assignment

If you finish that:

Google ActivPhysics

Work on the Magnetism ones in your groups.

13.8; 13.7 (In that order)

Binder Check 11/14/16

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You should have all of this completed and in your binder for Monday:

Electrostatics Assignment
Electric Force Pogil
Graphs for Electric Force (Notebook)
Electrostatic Simulations (1 and 2)
TIPERS Electrostatics

Electric Force

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Thermo Intro (9/30)

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Download the document below. 
You will submitting your document through Google Classroom. 
Google Classroom Code: cck5no0
Type your responses into the document in a different color than black (OR WHITE!!!!

Read everything very carefully before asking me questions. 

The following link must be opened in internet explorer or mozilla: 
You are doing 8.1 and 8.2

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