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posted Apr 7, 2017, 10:19 AM by Kristela Garcia
Follow the questions on the simulation: 

The numbers for the simulation are going to be just a little bit off.
For question 9 refer to the guiding questions below. 

1. Adjust the wavelength to 600 nm. Calculate the energy of this wavelength. (Ans:2.07 eV)
2. Adjust the voltage so that the amount of electrons barely reach the other side of the plate. The red dot on the graph should be at the point (0, 0). This is the stopping voltage or the Max Kinetic Energy of situation. Use this (as a positive value) to calculate the work function (the minimum amount of energy necessary to escape the electron) (Ans: 1.97)

For question 10, the work function from the previous problem stays the same (it depends on the metal used), use the new wavelength to calculate the new stopping potential and check your answer.