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May 9,2017

posted May 9, 2017, 5:02 AM by Kristela Garcia
1st Period: 
  • You will work on the Circuits Review. It is not a grade, or extra credit. 
           The circuits test will be at the beginning of class next time. It will include problems like the ones on the review, including switch and lightbulb problems (like in the lab). I'll have tutorials today after school.

  • You will also need to review all of the requirements for the Rollercoaster project, which we'll begin after the test next time. Read all the Requirements. You should get into your groups and start researching ideas/sketching out your design. It will be one major grade. You will pick your groups of 3 (with one group of 4).  SENIORS: Gerardo, Marcus, and Huyen (You will be in a group together, seniors end sooner than everyone else).