Extra Credit

Due. 12/3

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(10 points) 

25 Notecards with Equations: Use the equation sheet below as a basis but there are many more that are not located  on the sheet. Do not include equations we haven't covered. 

On one side: Equation centered, large, and NEAT
On the other side: What's the equation used for (Name), variables and units, scalar/vector, additional conceptual information that you might find useful

One Side: 

1/2 mv2

Other Side: 
Kinetic Energy (Scalar)
m, mass (kg)
v, velocity (m/s)
Energy which it possesses due to its motion

Credit will also be given for notecards with concepts or problem solving methods rather than equations- be creative- these notecards are meant to help you memorize and recall important information now and later. 

If you are going to spend the time doing them, do them well. 

REMEMBER: If it looks like you did them that morning, you will not receive credit!! Type them if your handwriting looks like that normally!

Due Sept 12 at 11:59 pm

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1.) View each animation and graph

2.) For each situation, describe the motion in your own words in the form below. Be as detailed as possible
3.)  Be sure to submit the form when you are done!

If you have problems viewing the graphs, go to : http://acme.highpoint.edu/~atitus/physlets/1Dmotion/x_t_graph.html

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